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Healthy Mind, Healthy Gut

We all know that food is a HUGE factor in our gut health but it’s not the only factor that affects it. Yes, water, vitamins, and a good diet are important to stay healthy but we also have to take care of our mental health. Personally I get very anxious and that’s a trigger for my IBS. If I’m feeling nervous or overwhelmed I will get sick. I took a course on stress management to help myself cope in stressful, anxiety filled situations. I’ll share some tips that I’ve learned and some that I’ve developed that help me. We all experience things differently and we handle them that way as well. No matter what you’re feeling, your feelings are valid. Feel the emotions and let them go in your own time.

Over the years I’ve found my coping methods to anxiety, pain, and simply everyday stress. Take what applies to you and don’t mind the rest.

Life can get crazy. You just want to come home and nap because you’re exhausted but tasks just seem to pile on. Creating a balance isn’t just helpful for work and home life but also creating busy and relaxing time.

You need to take time for yourself and stick to it every single day. Personally I take a bath almost everyday. Treating yourself everyday with something you enjoy is a necessity not a luxury. Take care of you.

  • Organize your mind

Know what you have to do and when it needs to be done. Keeping a planner or scheduling things in your phone calendar will help you from scattering. Set alerts and reminders to stay on time. Don’t let yourself be surprised by something you were aware of and don’t depend on your mind to remember everything. If you can make it easy for yourself, why not?

What is your positive self affirmation? Mine is simply, “I’m okay”.

  • Write down your thoughts

Getting through emotions can help by writing them down. Whether you have a decision to make or something is making you uneasy write it down and validate what you feel.

  • Clean up your space.

Your surroundings affect your day to day life. If your dishes are washed every night, laundry folded, and morning is prepped the night prior your day is already designed for success. Keeping clutter around stresses you out and you know it. Create a list and tackle it day by day. You have to want these things and you have to help yourself.

Over the last two years I have gotten involved in yoga and barre. The value it has brought to my well being is incredible. It’s helped me develop a sense of calm and it has eased my pain. Lately I’ve been focusing on balancing my life and my body. It’s interesting how the two correlate.

Find something you enjoy and stay consistent with it. Whether that be taking walks or playing your favorite sports just get out and get active.

Our body benefits from movement.

Yoga has taught me to take deep breaths and silence your thoughts to be in the moment. Breathe through everything.

Getting up and active we all already know is important but it’s also necessary to rest. If it’s out of your hands don’t let it linger in your mind rent free. Take time for yourself to really unwind and recover. You don’t always have to be on the go, you need to stop and take a break.

Take my quiz to find out what relaxing activity you need. Take the quiz here!

Don’t forget to reach out and share your results! Just visit the contact page.

  • If you take away anything let it be to rest and relax when you need to and get up and get active when it moves you. Don’t forget to check in with your mind and your gut.
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