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Having something to look forward to can make your days easier. We all have a different idea of what a vacation is but my interpretation is a relaxing tropical destination where I can sip on something cold and wear a swimsuit for the entirety of the trip.

I recently went to Mexico, it was simply amazing. The food and weather were perfect. As someone with IBS I do have to prepare a bit more, and as someone that loves the beach I do have some tips if you have an upcoming trip. I’ve created a list of tips and packing essentials to help you prepare.

Heating Pad

I’m used to my heating pad every night, it settles my stomach and helps with pain. Pack things that will make you more comfortable.


When you get to your sunny destination, put your aloe in the fridge. In the case that you do burn it’s cold cooling effect helps tons. I speak from experience!


Bring a laundry pouch for your dirty clothes. Granted you’ll probably wash everything when you get home it’s nice to keep the dirty and clean separate.


I like to be prepared for anything, so I always pack a first aid kit and any medicine I may need.

• Allergy relief

• Pain relief

• Anti diarrheal

• Prescriptions

Sun Hat

If you’re not wearing a sun hat tie your hair back without a part, your scalp can easily burn and it can be painful.

Always have a pen!

Especially traveling internationally.


If you’re going to book a massage I’d recommend doing it within the first two days of your trip. I booked my massage the fifth day and by that time I was so sun burnt I had to cancel.

If you’re ever unsure of what you can and cannot bring on the plane you can search it on the TSA website, here’s the link!

Click below to view my personal packing checklist for tropical destinations, don’t forget to print it out before your next trip!


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