Baby, it’s cold outside

I’m not sure about you but I prefer warm sunny weather. I’d rather cool off than warm up but chilly ole Minnesota’s gotta do her thing. I’ve come up with all the ways I love to get warm and cozy in the winter season.

• Blanket

There’s nothing like a warm blanket to wrap yourself in, one step up, I recommend a heated blanket. It has changed my life!

• Space Heater

Even with the heat on in the house sometimes it’s nice to have a small space heater to keep you extra warm, especially keeping your legs warm sitting at a desk or when you’re just out of the shower.

• Candles

Pick your favorite scent and let the memory take you wherever you want to be.

• Diffuser

I have a mini diffuser in my room that I fill with my favorite essential oil! Peppermint! It smells great and helps if you have any digestive issues and is simply calming for me.

• Humidifier

In the winter my skin gets dry, my lips get chapped, and my nose gets stuffy. I hate waking up and having my nose feel so dry. Add some moisture to the air. Make sure you fill your humidifier with distilled water.

• Vick’s VapoShower

Talk about opening up your sinuses! I got my vapo shower from Walmart, let your shower get hot and steamy first, and drop one of the tablets in. It’s like taking a shower in Vicks vaporub.

• Fuzzy socks

Keep those toesies nice and toasty. You can never go wrong with warm fuzzy socks.

• Sweater

Simple. It’s sweater weather.

• Tea

Nothing like a hot beverage while it’s cold outside. As always I prefer peppermint tea!

• Dairy free hot chocolate

During the holiday season, I love to participate in the festivities. If you’re dairy-free like me, that can get tricky. I’ve found that the Swiss miss dairy-free hot chocolate is so tasty, almost like the real thing. I tried making it with almond milk but prefer it with water, I think it just tastes better.

• Soup

My favorite is vegetable soup. It’s a great way to get all your veggies out of your fridge and enjoy a warm meal.

• Baths

No matter what the season, baths are always a good idea. Recently I’ve been taking nightly baths with melatonin Epsom salt and adding essential oil and bubble bath in the scents lavender and vanilla. So warm and relaxing to get you ready for bed.

What are some of your favorite things to do in the winter season? I’d love to know! Leave a reply and let’s chat.

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