5 Things That Keep Me Motivated

  • Waking up early – you don’t realize how long your day is until you fully take advantage of it. I wake up at 5:30 a.m. on the weekdays to get to yoga class by 6:00 a.m. When I don’t wake up early and go to yoga I feel exhausted, I drag all day and feel so unmotivated. You’ll realize when you start popping right up in the morning it’s because you crave that feeling of feeling accomplished and motivated.
  • Yoga – hot yoga has helped me so much with my chronic illness and motivation, it gets me out of bed in the morning and makes me feel so good. It starts my day off calm and positive, leaving class I feel so energized.
  • Gratitude journal – a journal for gratitude and goals, it really does make an inspired day. Taking a few minutes to ground yourself and plan out your day avoids any stress.
  • Calendars – looking at your week ahead of time lets you prep for whatever you’re doing. Looking at my yoga schedule I know I need to have a clean towel and a full water bottle every day. I plan my meals and what days I need to grocery shop to organize my time so I don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed.
  • Food – As unfortunate as this is if I slip up and eat something I shouldn’t I feel physically exhausted for a few days. You’d think I would know better and not eat the foods that trigger me but it happens. I do my best to avoid this because when I plan my meals and eat well, it’s the greatest feeling. And that feeling is no pain. Eating a good breakfast makes my day, I eat at the same time every single day and I can feel it if I’m off at all. Routines keep me going.

These are a few things that get me through my day feeling motivated. I hate feeling that crash in the middle of the day. So, it’s simple! Avoid it. I used to think I’ll catch up on my sleep this weekend … not only is that unrealistic it simply doesn’t work! Take each day as it’s own and take advantage of it. Mindset, habits, and routine it’s all up to you.

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