Summer Activities

Summer time is my favorite time. You can simply walk out of the house without obnoxiously bundling up. Shades on windows down, it just makes you happy. Even if you work all day make it a point to spend some time outside. I have created a list of 14 things I do to enjoy my summer. try it out!


Pack a snack, blanket, and speaker and head to your favorite spot for a picnic. It’s relaxing and fun. Giving you all the summer vibes.


This summer I purchased a hammock and I love it. I got it on Amazon, it’s inexpensive and a great way to hang out.

Parks & Trails

Personally working in Parks & Recreation for several years I know that there are so many parks and trails in your city along with events or classes. That brochure you get in the mail each season from your city that you probably just toss out might actually have some activities you may be interested in. Go online and check it out.


Find your local canoe and kayak rental. spend some time on the lake or river. It’s a blast.

Farmers Market

I like to go the the farmers market every other weekend to get fresh fruits and veggies. It’s a great way to try new foods and it’s so tasty.


This summer season I planted flowers, Spearmint, and strawberries. The flowers made my patio visually pleasing, the spearmint made my water tasty, and the strawberries were so sweet.

Summer Treats

Being gluten and dairy free can be a bit tricky in the summer time when you want a cold treat to cool you off. I found the So Delicious brand of salted caramel cluster ice cream is so delicious. It’s gluten and dairy free. I get it at target!

Smoothie Popsicles

A great way to cool off in summer is by making smoothies, but I like to take it a step further and freeze my smoothie in popsicle molds.

Home Pedicure

Everyone loves summer colors, especially now that the toesies are out! I like to fill my tub with epsom salt and a bath bomb to soak my feet. There are lots of foot scrubs, masks, and lotions that make your feet so soft. it’s fun and self care.


If you have a smart watch or fit bit it’s nice to see your pace and distance. You’d be surprised how scenic some of your nearby trails may be.


Listening to music or podcasts while you’re doing literally anything puts you in such a happy mood.


A fun activity and workout.


I recently started a gratitude journal, having it by your bed side and writing in it first thing in the morning starts your day off positive.

Yoga in the park

Whether you go to a nearby park and do yoga yourself or find a free class it’s a lot of fun. Try something new.

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