5 Tips to Help Soothe an Upset Stomach

Stomach pain for me has been the hardest pain to deal with. You can’t get comfortable and it doesn’t seem to ease up. I personally prefer not to take medication if I don’t need to. Over the years I’ve created my own natural remedies that helped me. Whether you’re menstruating, have a stomach ache, or have any stomach condition these might help you too.

Filling up the tub with hot water and adding Epsom salt to help you relax and relieve any tension. It’s a great stress reliever. When buying Epsom salt be sure to get it in the pharmacy section of stores, it’s dramatically cheaper.

What a life saver! I fall asleep with a heating pad on my stomach almost every night. The heat really helps you relax. It’s not only for your stomach though, if you have a back ache it works just as well.

It is said that laying on your left side helps your digestion. Personally it eases my stomach and alleviates pain. It might not be your preference but it’s worth a shot.

Peppermint tea is known to soothe stomach aches. There are other teas that help as well such as ginger tea or green tea. For me peppermint tea does the trick. I typically have a cup of hot tea every evening after dinner.

Exercise plays a big role in how your body is feeling. Believe it or not stomach yoga can help you with discomfort or bloating. If you can spare 10 minutes for a workout and look up stomach relief yoga, there are tons of quick workouts that’ll help you alleviate any pain. It’s fun and you’ll learn tips along the way that might make a difference for you.

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