Get To Know Me

Get to know me

Hey there! I’m Aisa

I’m a beach lover living in chilly ole Minnesota. The older I have gotten i’ve realized what I truly care about. Over the past few years I’ve realized my love for travel, love for food, and love for bettering myself. We will always get hit with a curve ball but that’s the fun of the game. Through this blog I will talk about my travels, everyday experiences, food, tips & tricks, and everything Aisa.

Fun Facts:

  • I was born in Koln, Germany
  • I’m allergic to pretty much all fur babies
  • I’m gluten and dairy free
  • I have IBS
  • My favorite place I’ve traveled to is the Netherlands
  • I love the beach
  • I collect sand and shells
  • I love hot yoga
  • Podcasts are my favorite!
  • I’m the friend that is always prepared
  • I’m always sleepy
  • I love baths

I’m obsessed with everyday. There is always something new to discover, try, and experience. We are constantly changing and that is completely okay! Be the best YOU. Having a creative outlet is a magical way to express your experiences.

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